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Smoked salmon sandwich

- 1 mini loaf from Sofi de France- 1 slice of smoked salmon- 1/4 cucumber- 1 slice of lemon- 1 sprig of dill- 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese- 1/2 teaspoon...

Chicken sandwich

-1 mini cereal bread from Sofi de France-4 slices of grilled chicken-4 slices of dried tomatoes in olive oil-1 sprig of parsley-1 tablespoon of tapenade-Pepper-Salt >>>Step 1Spread the tapenade. >>>Step...

Monster sandwich

-2 slices of pain de mie from Sofi de France-2 slices of ham-2 slices of tomatoes-1 leaf of lettuce-2 tablespoons of butter-2 slices of cucumber-2 olives (without the kernel) >>>Step...

Ham & eggs sandwich

-1 mini baguette of Sofi de France-3 slices of emmental-3 slices of ham-3 slices of cucumber-3 slices of tomatoes-3 slices of boiled egg-3 leaves of salad-Pepper-Salt >>>Arrange the emmental, ham,...

CAESAR ROLL (by Michel Roth)

Ingredients (for 4 sandwiches) :- 4 Sofi de France hand-crafted white rolls- 150g cooked chicken or turkey breast- 80g Caesar dressing (mayonnaise, minced garlic and grated Parmesan)- 4 red radishes-...

Focaccia Recipe

- 1 focaccia of Sofi de France- 1 slice of parma ham- 100g of rocket- 100g black sliced olives- 1 sliced fig- 1 tablespoon cottage cheese- 1/2 teaspoon of lemon...
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